Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Snyder / Hershey Family

I have been fortunate to been given documents from the Snyder / Hershey family that detail the history of these two families.

There is an Ancestral Fan Chart showing the Snyder Family Tree. Some parts of this Chart detail relations as far back as 10 generations. However, following the male Snyder lineage only goes back to John Snyder (birth date and death unknown), the father of Christian B. Snyder (born 1809).

For the Hershey side, a book was published called "Esther's Family - The Hershey's of Lancaster County" by Margaret Lehman. Also, there is a document referred to as "Tribute to D. David Hershey and Sue B. Hershey", given to me by Anna Marie Landis.

Christian B. Snyder (b. 1809) bought Jacob Huber's Tavern (now know as Forgotten Seasons Bed & Breakfast) from Jacob Erb's assignee, Elias Eby on April 1, 1844. A copy of the deed can be found in the B&B library. Jacob Erb's son, Henry Erb, made an agreement with Christian Snyder that Jacob Erb would be buried in the Erb / Snyder family cemetery located on this property next to his wife, Elizabeth Becker Erb.

Christian B. Snyder (born 2/12/1809) married Barbara Bucher Brubaker (born 6/22/1813), however the wedding date is not known at this time. She was the daughter of Joseph Brubaker and Mary Bucher and the granddaughter of Hans Martin Bucher and Christian Eby 2nd.

Christian (b.1809) and Barbara had 5 sons and 2 daughters.

Simon Snyder (married Fanny Bucher)
Christian B. (b. 12/1/1839) (married Susan Brubaker Longenecker)
Elias B.
Mary Ann (married Issic Nolt)
Barbara Ann (married Jacob Stoner)
Abraham A. (married Sarah Shreiner)

It is noted on the Ancestral Fan Chart that Christian B. (b 1839) was 4 years old when he arrived in America.

Christian B. (b.1839) married Susan Brubaker Longenecker on 11/1/1866 and had 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Agnes L. (married Jacob Wissler)
Amanda L. (b. 5/7/1869, d. 10/28/1871) is buried in the Erb / Snyder cemetery.
Jacob L. (married Sadie H. Walter)
Nathan L. (married Emma Bucher Brubacher)

This property was passed on from Christian B. (b.1809) to Christian B. (b.1839).

Nathan L Snyder and his wife, Emma had 3 daughters and 1 son.

Edna B. (married Christ G. Hess)
Susan B. (married David Paul Hershey)
C. Abram (married Ruth L. Yoder)
Helen B. (married Harry S. Mumma)

This property was passed on to Nathan and Emma on March 31, 1900.

Susan Brubacker Snyder Hershey and David Paul Hershey were married on 12/25/1922. They had 3 sons and 4 daughters.

Henry Richard (married Barbara Ann Hess)
Mary Jane (married C. Elvin Landis)
Lois Arlene (married Kenneth B. Noll)
David Paul, Jr
Mildred Sue (married Levi Henry Weaver)
Anna Marie (married Paul Groff Landis)
Mark Snyder (married Martha Susan Reist)

This property was passed on to D. Paul and Susan on 3/3/1930.

Henry Richard Hershey and Barbara Ann Hess were married on 5/17/1947. They had 5 daughters and one son.

Shirley Ann (married Stuart Wesley Showalter)
Henry Hess (married Wendy Walls)
Mary Louise
Barbara Sue (married Thomas Bollinger)
Doris Jean (married David Dagen)
Linda Kay (married Scott David Rittenhouse)

This property was passed on to Henry Richard and Barbara Ann on 10/8/1960.

--more details to come--


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fascinating to look over this listing: so many familiar names and places

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